k-planet host

Happy to launch our new store located on our new DC. k-planet host is up and running , with over 10 years on hosting experience. The webpage is located at https://k-planet.eu/ Also we suggest to have a look at our dedicated hosting plans, located on the new Europe DC that we make contact the last days. https://k-planet.eu/dedicated.php You ... Read More »

4th Jul 2020
Webpage updated

Webpage had fully updated. For quotes ask support for assistance.


21st Jun 2020
Sonic Panel Stand alone available as a service

Today we announce that Sonic Panel Stand alone available as a service ; Standalone version of WHMSonic called (SonicPanel) had come and is available as a service. SonicPanel is a completely new code and modern design with complete Javascript, Ajax and Jquery with new features such as icecast, new AutoDJ system and schedule features and works ... Read More »

29th Mar 2020

Happy to launch our Production Line with Cloud SSD VPS Servers located at Greece. Customize Your VPS, enter the Cloud with your VPS: fast and cost-effective!


31st Jul 2019
Shared hosting

Shared Hosting on Affordable Prices. Greek DC Available

28th Jul 2019
RAdio Kapa

30th May 2019
Latest Reviews for lionhost.gr

Special Thanks to International Customers, now Greek DC available on demand, please ask support for ... Read More »

15th May 2017
Reviews of lionhost hosting services

Lionhost, is a Premium Web Hosting Company located in Greece, provides quality web hosting services on Linux platform. Professional hosting solution ranges from shared web hosting,forums, joomla sites up and reseller hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server). Our own web hosting solutions provide guaranteed uptime 99,95%Here are some of our reviews ... Read More »

23rd Mar 2017