10 Tips for Improving Email Delivery

One of the most common problems that hosting providers face is the issue of user email not...

 Apache Optimization

The default Apache settings that cPanel sets upon install are definitely something that can be...

 Converting Database Character Sets

Changing the default charset of the database The following SQL command will alter the charset of...

 Creating Custom Email Accounts to cPanel

 Enable the slow query log

log-slow-queries=/var/lib/mysql/slow.log touch /var/lib/mysql/slow.log chmod 660...

 Methods to Increase Security on suPHP - Restricting who can use php.ini files

The php.ini file under suPHP While suPHP has various security enhancements over DSO PHP such as...

 Searching for Spammers

nbound spam to users Inbound spam is the scourge of the modern internet and, the inconvenience...

 User Databases Missing from cPanel

After upgrading to cPanel 11.28, a number of our users indicated that databases were missing...

 Using Custom RBL’s with Exim and cPanel

cPanel 11.28 introduces an way to easily implement your own RBLs for Exim to perform lookups...

 easy apache update error

assume that you have this errorDownloading Packages: Running rpm_check_debug ERROR with...

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